Millennials’ way of e-learning and communication in the digital era

This is an abstract of this paper which was presented at The Sixth International Conference on e-Learning (eLearning-2015), held from 22nd to 23rd of September 2015, in Belgrade.

e-Learning development has always been a pursuit for understanding of the way in which students learn and how to provide them with attractive materials. Millennials or digital natives are a generation different in their learning style and the way in which they expect to be trained and coached in comparison to other generations. For educators, except for pragmatic and inductive training materials which are welcomed, visuals and gamification are win-win tools. Millennials prefer collaborative learning and they like sharing stories with their peers. Multitasking allows educators to offer them more different options to utilize e-Learning platforms. Giving them an opportunity to try “do it by themselves” puts them in the position to take risks, which is actually their “comfort zone”. The paper presents a framework of how Millennials cope with lifelong learning in the digital era, with the addition of the case study “My next stop Serbia” which engages Millennials all over the world to be a part of the game, sharing experiences about Serbia and enjoying the e-journey.

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