MASMI on ICSD 2017 Conference

neuromarketing - ICSD Belgrade 2017

The Faculty of Management of the Belgrade Metropolitan University has organised The Second International Scientific Conference: INNOVATION COMPETITIVENESS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – ICSD 2017. on May 25th 2017.

For this conference, Ms. Tatjana Mamula, the director of the Masmi research agency, has created, together with Ms. Barbara Blazanin, a paper covering the exciting area of neuromarketing titled: “Are we buying rationally or impulsively? What actually happens in the consumer’s mind and what does neurotechnology reveal?”

The following is excerpt from the paper, and you can also download the paper in PDF.

Neuromarketing is complementary to traditional methods which are based on verbal reports – it presents an approach that sheds light on new aspects of psychological phenomena, basically – consumer behaviour of an individual. Proponents believe that neuromarketing techniques such as EEG and eye tracking shed light on the unconscious, emotional processes which are the main aspect of consumer behaviour. On the other hand, we know that conscious, cognitive processes play an important role in the control of emotions. Therefore, the main research question is – how does consumer behaviour (under the influence of conscious or unconscious processes) impact cognitive and emotional factors. Analysis of existing research have led to the conclusion that consumer behaviour is always, to some extent, influenced by both the conscious and unconscious processes as well as emotional and cognitive factors. For this reason, so as to make a full analysis of the tested phenomena, the multimedia aspect is a must. The Theoretical standpoint of MASMI research agency , based on the use of the Brainster EEG based Neuromarketing platform represent a combination of traditional methods and neuromarketing, which provide answers to various issues on the attitude of consumers towards advertising.

Download the paper